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Comments about Steve:


“Steve - The Thursday after the theme-modular seminar, we had a competitive presentation for a project. Result: a win for us! Results speak volumes.
Thanks for the help.

Patrick Fuss, West Yost Associates


“Winning by design...not by chance” is a a suite of marketing and sales curriculum that has enabled me to effectively change the business culture of 3 major A/E/C firms, with a total of over 25‚000 employees, to consistently achieve win rates of over 80%. I directly attribute this unparalleled success to conscientious application and adaptation of Dag Knudsen and Steve Wirtel's training and techniques to over 500 professional services marketing and sales campaigns with a capex of over $30 billion, generating in excess of $4 billion professional services fees.

Collectively‚ I am privileged to have both known and observed Steve Wirtel and Dag Knudsen provide invaluable‚ hands-on training to audiences for over 20 years. Now Steve has picked up where Dag left off and added his unique perspective. His command of the theme-modular process and delivery are outstanding.

If you'd like to dramatically improve your win rate, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Steve.”

Don Sherman, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, MWH Global, Inc.

“When I was CEO of U.S. Filter, I chose Steve to be on my executive team responsible for municipal capital equipment sales and marketing, a $400 million business. Steve's engineering experience as a consultant and his ability to "think outside the box" provided credibility with clients as well as intellectual horsepower to the organization. He was indispensable to me for his ability to coach and lead others to achieve the results we established in our organization.”

Andy Seidel, CEO Underground Solutions Inc.


“I have known Steve for nearly 20 years and worked with him in the same organization for 8. Steve brings a unique blend of technical competency, sales acumen, and project development experience. He is results driven, but more importantly, he helps others achieve results through his leadership, coaching, and mentoring. I highly recommend hiring Steve if you want to improve your interview presentations and increase your project win rate.”

Joe Zuback, Global Water Advisors (formerly Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Water)


“I have been through the original Dag training as well as a Winning Presentations & Proposals seminar led by Steve. Steve’s command of the material is stellar, and his style challenges and engages the audience. The concepts he presents are simple but powerful. They have changed not only the way I approach proposals and interviews but the way I approach any technical presentation or paper.”

Jess Brown, Ph.D., Director of Research & Development, Carollo Engineers

Comments about the Theme-Modular process:

“Simply put, I'd have to say it was easily the best training I've had on the subject.”

“The theme modular approach that he taught us is really beautiful in its simplicity.”

“Thursday and Friday were two of the most educational and exciting days of training I have participated in for some time. The concepts presented, if used as presented, could have significant impacts in the way we develop proposals, deliver interview presentations, and win work.”

“I was very impressed with Dag's training seminar. He has a very carefully laid out approach and the ability to convey it clearly and convincingly. I was very excited to apply it to a presentation we had been invited to make to the week directly following the training. I was assigned the lead for preparing the presentation...The presentation went well, no surprises - I know we came across to the panel as very confident and familiar with our message, in spite of a very limited rehearsal period. It was clear the panel (comprised of 3 engineers and 2 non-engineers) was fully engaged throughout our presentation, even though it was somewhat technical in general. They confessed their questions had largely been answered through our presentation - we won the job, unseating the incumbent consultant!”

Testimonials from Presentation and sales training for Technical Professionals | Steve Wirtel Inc Testimonials

Who Our Clients Are:

  • Consulting Engineers, Scientists, and Environmental Professionals
  • Architects, E/As, A/Es
  • Contractors and Construction Managers
  • Industrial and Commercial Manufactures
  • Public Associations

Anyone providing professional services that has to compete for business will see dramatic benefits from this seminar.


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