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About the Seminars: Focusing on the Solution

Steve Wirtel, P.E. brings a better approach. As a technical professional himself, Steve has been successfully putting these techniques into practice for nearly 20 years. He learned the techniques from Dag Knudsen in the early 1990s and has been using them ever since.

Technical professionals work best when they follow a structured, repeatable process. A technical professional would never begin design without the proper planning. Nor would a technical professional begin constructing a facility without plans and specifications. Yet when it comes to presentations, most technical professionals literally wing it. Or, they resort to the two things they know best: their technical expertise and their company. This training focuses on designing winning presentations.

Winning presentations make it easy for the client to select you over your competition because it:

Is concise
...because the process

  • stays within allotted time frame
  • determines the the appropriate level of detail
  • focuses your message for maximum impact

Has strong and logical continuity
...because the process

  • overcomes communication barriers
  • develops a logical, lucid and persuasive message
  • reveals the logical order of the message

Supports its arguments with forceful graphics
...because the process

  • designs visuals that bring home the desired point
  • prevents information overload
  • constructs visuals so facts are remembered
  • effectively utilizes computer generated graphics

Uses selected facts specifically directed to buyer’s interests
...because the process

  • aligns content to the audience’s interests, personal agendas, biases, and perceptions
  • unequivocally determines the message purpose
  • identifies pertinent facts which support the audience’s needs

Ensures professional delivery by any level speaker
...because the process

  • systematically helps professional staff communicate effectively
  • supports inexperienced staff to deliver with confidence and authority

Drives to a productive conclusion - a contract
...because the process

  • wins audience trust and confidence
  • makes them remember you
  • wins selection committee approval
  • provides a call for action

Facilitates presentation by groups and experts
...because the process

  • logically organizes speaking roles
  • links all speakers to a common theme

Helps sell the value of your fee
...because the process

  • acknowledges the importance of the fee
  • attributes costs to client benefits
  • breaks down fee into understandable chunks

Provides a streamlined process for writing persuasive proposals
...because the process

  • easily converts the presentation design into a persuasive proposal
  • reduces the proposal writing effort
  • leverages your strategic thinking

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