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About the Seminars : An Introduction

Why is selling professional services difficult?

Selling professional services, especially technical services like engineering, contracting, and architecture often involve long sales cycles and multiple decision makers. To effectively position your firm to win work, your professional staff must spend time with clients to understand their needs, wants, and biases. Design and Delivery of Winning Presentations and Proposals helps your staff understand how to design a client-focused presentation. Once the presentation design process is understood, your staff will be knowledgeable about gathering the right client information to maximize your message persuasiveness.

What is Design and Delivery of Winning Presentations and Proposals?

It is a two day, highly interactive seminar. You choose the location. Steve provides the training.

What will the seminar attendees learn?

During this highly interactive seminar, attendees will experience a new paradigm in presenting your company to a selection panel. Seminar attendees will learn how to create proposals and interview presentations that appeal to buyer motivations while avoiding “silver tray” approaches that can work against you.

This seminar combines a business development philosophy with presentation design and delivery methodologies that, when applied in conjunction, raise win-rates dramatically. Structured as a persuasive presentation, the seminar starts by building a foundation for managing long-term, high dollar-value sales to multiple decision-makers. While learning how to create persuasive presentations, participants recognize that winning presentations demand detailed knowledge of all decision makers: their biases, covert motivations, and fears that can best be learned when solid relationships are in place. This knowledge leads to greatly focused pre-RFP client interviews to discover what it takes to win. Hence, this seminar is much more than a presentation seminar. It is a sophisticated business development seminar.

Many firms believe that they create proposals and presentations based on their clients wants and needs, but few accomplish this effectively. Applying the theme modular approach naturally leads to an audience centric message that set’s your firm apart to win.

Presenters who don’t know how to be persuasive, who don’t know how to connect with the audience, and who don’t know how to appeal to decision makers’ motivations are at the mercy of those who can and do.

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