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A: Actually, it is both. The presentation training uses a “theme-modular approach.” The theme modular approach helps the presenter organize ideas to design an outcome based presentation. This applies to many types of presentations, but is especially important in competitive interview presentations where the desired outcome is to persuade a selection committee to select your firm. To be persuasive, your presentation content must address client’s needs and wants (as opposed to your credentials.) This is where the sales training aspect comes in... uncovering the needs and wants of multiple decision makers. This seminar provides basic training to uncover buyer motivations. For more comprehensive training in this area, Steve offers a another program called Client Account Analysis.

A: If you do not need to sell your services... congratulations! You are in rare company. Most firms find that they need to persuade clients to select them over one or more worthy competitors. If you find yourself in a competitive situation, the seminar will help you design presentations that appeal to your clients buying motivations, increasing your likelihood of being selected over traditional self-laudatory presentations.

A: First, your concern is very common. Many technical professionals are not strong presenters, especially considering how smart they can be. This training does not specifically address elocution - the speaking aspect of the presentation. What it does address is a logical, repeatable approach to organize presentation content. Most technical professionals are comfortable with processes and procedures that are based on fact, data, and analysis. Participants of this training experience first hand how to design a presentation based on a demonstrated, repeatable process. Once they understand the science behind the process, many technical professionals improve their speaking skills because they are more confident in the presentation content. Others find that the logical organization of the presentation visual aids naturally improves their delivery.

A: First, the training helps you focus your content on that which is important to your client. Second, the theme-modular process helps you organize your material into an outcome based presentation. The next logical progression is to translate this information into a written proposal.

A: Yes, it is true that the written proposal precedes the interview in the procurement process, but this does not preclude you from creating your interview first. With the theme-modular approach, your interview presentation easily converts into a proposal. The ideas are organized in an outcome-based sequence. All that remains is to tell your story through the proposal narrative. Hence, the theme-modular approach yields two communications from a single effort.

A: Competitive advantage comes from how you apply your training, not from the training itself. The process gives you the framework to design your proposals and presentations. Like the work you do, it’s your creative application of the techniques that set you apart from your competition.

A: This training shows you how to use presentation software to help you connect with your audience, while avoiding tactics that reduce your presentation effectiveness. PowerPoint and other presentation software applications have certainly reduced the time to produce professional looking visuals that are “ready-to-present”, especially for those of us that remember flip charts and 35mm slides. The problem is that presentation software has also made it easier to violate many rules of communication. Information overload, too much text, and special effects that interfere with effective communication are some of the problems induced by presentation software.

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